Monday, June 4, 2012

Writing By Me Over at Project: Ballad

I wrote another guest post for the writing portion of my friend Michael (aka the always followable @patchworkearth)'s comic, Project: Ballad. This particular piece is about games that employ deception to make the player question identity and the relationship between the player and the character (it meanders through Bioshock, Metal Gear, and the classic Interactive Fiction piece Spider & Web).

While you're there, be sure to bookmark and read the comic, which is now in full swing and is AWESOME. If you like the things I write, you'll like Project: Ballad - it uses the language of video games - and our relationship with them - to tell what's going to be an amazing story. Check it out.

Also, sorry it's so dusty around here, various illnesses and distractions have slowed my output. Should have something new for you (and by new, I mean an essay about a game that's a year old at this point) in a day or two.

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